Jon Bergmann is a pioneer and one of the leaders of the Flipped Learning Movement. He has received global recognition for his achievements as an educator and a catalyst, promoting learning through flipping the classroom. He has been a chemistry teacher for the past twenty-nine years and now he is also an educational consultant, a presenter, and an author. He is the co-author of the book How to Flip Your Classroom, which was a bestseller and translated into many languages.
Watch the interview to find out more about his new book with Aaron Sams, Flipped Learning, that was launched at the FlipCon14 conference. Flipped Learning teaches educators how to take flipping their classroom to the next level.
Aaron Sams is a pioneer and one of the leaders of the Flipped Learning Movement.
Aaron is world-renown in the field of flipping classrooms and has shared his methods with many educators around the globe. He teaches chemistry with the flipped mastery model that emphasizes the individual learning pace that students can take. He has published the book How to Flip Your Classroom in collaboration with Jon Bergmann, which has been adapted by a wealth of teachers across domains and grades.
Watch the interview to learn more about their newly released book Flipped Learning. The interview took place at the FlipCon14 conference at Mars High School in Pittsburgh, that Aaron and Jon co-established.
Jerry Overmyer is a Mathematics Educator at the Math and Science Teaching Institute at the University of Northern Colorado and he is also the creator of the Flipped Learning Network.
Watch Jerry's interview with TouchCast, and find out about the future of the Flipped Learning movement.
Dr. Julie Schell is a Global Expert for peer instruction, the Director of OnRamps and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Austin.
Dr. Schell has worked at Harvard University, alongside Eric Mazur, on the peer instruction method for many years. She has became a leader in the field of using peer instruction in flipped learning.
Watch the interview that took place at the FlipCon14 conference to learn more about her insight of peer instruction and flipping the classroom and how OnRamps supports it.
Molly Schroeder is a Global Digital Age Learning Specialist, Google Certified Teacher, and Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer.
Watch Molly's interview with TouchCast and learn about her session at FlipCon14: Living in Beta -- how to teach students to innovate and not be afraid of failing during the learning process.